The Synthetic Processor - 4th Generation Computer Technology

Processor technologies have evolved over the last 3 decades. This evolution can be broadly categorized into 4 generations of processor technologies. Generation-1 consisting of hard chips, Generation-2 consisting of soft or hard cores, Generation-3 consisting of configurable cores and Generation-4 being synthetic cores.
A synthetic processor core is automatically synthesized from an architectural model of the processor. A model consists of an ISA model and a uA model.
Key Benefits of Synthetic Processor - full life cycle design automation leading to faster TTM (3-18 months) and multi-dimensional design optimization leading to better QoR.

Teraptor Synthetic Processor Design Platform (SPDP)

Teraptor SPDP offers languages, IDE, SDK, Simulation, Verification and Synthesis tools required to specify, model, design, simulate, verify and synthesize a synthetic processor.
Teraptor SPDP is available in 4 convenient subscription options. We can create a custom option to meet your specific requirement as well. Read the Full Proposal

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