SANKHYA Translation Framework (TM) - Dynamic Model Driven Transformation

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Are you looking for a transformation tool, which allows you to solve data translation and transformation problems without writing a single line of C, C++ or Java code ? Just convert your transformation rules into a simple STML model file and let the command line utility "st" or server version "stml_server" take care of sourcing the data, transforming it and generating the output document!

Your transformation model needs to be developed just once and can be used and reused making it easy for you to automate and batch translation or transformation tasks!

The SANKHYA Translation Framework (STF) is a novel framework for building dynamic model driven parsers and data integration systems. STF can be used to automate EAI activities like document and message processing, protocol conversion, text to XML transformations, SQL database to XML transformations, C++ and Java code generation, server page processing, data conversion and adapter development.

STF uses STML, a powerful language for modeling language grammars or schema of documents, and for specifying translation and transformation rules in a unified manner.

STML Translator (ST) is a model driven translation and transformation tool (executable). ST can parse a document, verify that the document conforms to the model, and automatically translate/transform the document to a different representation (Example: Text to XML) using the rules specified in an STML model file.

Key Features

  • Can source information from files, URLs and Databases (through ODBC).
  • Powerful modeling language that can describe language grammars.
  • Powerful modeling language for describing format/schema of a document.
  • Supports complex transformations.
  • Supports reversible transformations. (XML - HTML - XML)
  • Pluggable streams provide ability to process input from a variety of sources.
  • Allows creating compound data from multiple input sources of data.
  • Well integrated with Web Varadhi.
  • Can be integrated into existing systems through command line invocation or as a CORBA® based document server.
  • Powerful C++ API.
  • Available on Windows and Unix hosts.

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