Aerospace & Defence Solutions

  1. Overview
  2. E-Flight Control Modeling
  3. Virtual Platform
  4. Qualify Critical Systems
  5. ASIP

Aerospace and Defence Solutions

Defence applications are often developed by large multi-disciplinary teams over extended periods of time. These teams often work at different geographic locations and design the various sub-systems necessary to create the final system. Integration and system level testing are the key challenges faced by the industry, leading to long development cycles, which often leads to unacceptable cost escalation, and even project cancellations. The strategic cost of falling behind in military and space technology is much higher and is often completely unacceptable.

Use Teraptor System Prototyping Platforms (SPPs) or custom order new SPPs to create prototyping platforms and enable different teams working in your organization to share models of their sub-systems from the domain, software or hardware view point, leading to an agile development methodology. Simulate faults and verify that your software and system work as per design.