Complex Intelligent Systems Modeling Platforms

  1. Complex Intelligent Systems and The Internet of Things

Complex Intelligent Systems


Convergence of computers and communication technologies with the human world is leading to the spread of embedded computers to every aspect of the human world where smartness can bring greater value.

The Internet of Things refers to the computerization of objects such as street lights and railway tracks. As such objects get computerized and start talking to each other, the world of computers or the human world are moving towards greater autonomy and greater collective intelligence.

While the traditional design methods appear to scale to the needs of pilot IoT projects, they tend to break down when projects move out from pilot stage. It is obvious that a complex IoT comprising of a billion things needs to be designed top down for realizing true benefits of an intelligent system while remaining competitive in the market place.

With The SANKHYA Teraptor Synthetic IoT Platform your team can use an agile application driven design methodology for creating new IoT products. Teraptor supports an intuitive process that allows complex systems to be modeled at higher levels of abstraction and implementations to be generated through either an elaboration process or an automated synthesis process.

IoT Consulting From Sankhya Technologies:

Sankhya Technologies offers Synthetic IoT Platforms. If you are looking for turnkey solutions, SANKHYA Consulting offers Complex Intelligent System modeling, elaboration and verification services.

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