V-One Docs TM - Enterprise Document Portal

What is V-One Docs?

V-One Docs is a revolutionary 3-tier web application which allows you to capture, store, process, manage and retrieve unstructured data as an electronic document in any format like spread sheet, image, CAD, presentation or letter.

Information on Demand - Unlock The Knowledge in Your Document!

Do you have key business information locked in isolated documents in physical storage, on a desktop or a difficult to access server ? It is time to switch to V-One - convert an isolated document into a highly accessible and mobile organizational resource. Finding a document is a breeze with V-One, you can lookup a document by its name, category, properties or simply search by content.

Eliminate Bottlenecks

When you get information on demand - you can eliminate key bottlenecks in your business process management. Think of the possibilities - loan applications processed in 4 hours instead of 3 days, customer inquiries answered in seconds rather than minutes or hours, responding to citizen information requests immediately rather than mail back information, just a few of the bottlenecks that you can eliminate.

Empower Your Team - Transform Your Organization

All successful organizations transform continuously in search of higher levels of customer satisfaction achieved by higher levels of efficiency and/or effectiveness. When you eliminate key bottlenecks in information flow and empower your team with the knowledge they need - your organization can truly move up to a significantly higher level of efficiency and ability to change - which translates to higher customer satisfaction.

From Good to Great

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