SANKHYA Paranagari - Smart City - Envisioning, Planning, Implementation, Monitoring (EPIM) Proposal

The Smart City

Cities are complex and technology is adding even more dimensions. The result is an unprecedented opportunity that goes by the name - Smart City. There can be many good cities, but only a few smart cities. No wonder - there is a race on globally for the smart city tag. Smart cities need 360 degree innovation to envision, plan, achieve and sustain.

Every city has a potentially different reason for beginning a smart city journey, a potentially different starting point and most certainly a unique destination.

EPIM Framework

A Smart City EPIM Framework helps cities with envisioning, planning, implementing and monitoring smart city programmes. While there are many frameworks that can handle one or two of these stages, there are few that support your cities journey through all of them. Read the full proposal.

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