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For many decades now, Artificial Intelligence has generally been associated with the ability of computers to solve problems that are beyond the reach of less complex computer algorithms. Such problems included -- ability to recognize images, ability to understand spoken language, ability to translate sentences from one language to another and so on. Such capabilities of AI have powered several innovative solutions such as Voice assistants and Autonomous vehicles.

Now AI is entering work spaces that have been the traditional strong hold of well educated humans ! These include ability to write programs, test cases for complex chips thereby accelerating semiconductor chip development, authoring entire essays on a wide range of topics in different languages, creating images from their text descriptions - collectively termed as Generative AI.

The scope of generative AI powered solutions is enormous. Music, movies, stories, political campaigns, presentations, synthetic drugs, program generators and digital chip design and testing are only some application areas that have the potential to fundamentally alter global technology and commercial landscape over the next decade.

Sankhya Technologies has been an R&D power house ever since it was founded in 1996. Sankhya's generative AI technologies are based on unique frameworks developed by SANKHYA Research over past several decades. Our cutting edge technologies such as SANKHYA Model Space Explorer power generative AI solutions such as Teraptor Synthetic Processor Verification Platform. Teraptor SPVP offers a platform for automatically generating test programs, run them on a processor, compute the correct results and identify flaws in a complex processor totally automatically.

SANKHYA Translation Framework offers a very rich platform for creating simple and powerful Enterprise Generative AI solutions using morphing technology. STF includes tools with plugin architecture for seamlessly integrating traditional SQL/Big Data databases and textual content into Generative AI solutions. STF was used as part of the Genetic Evolution Modeling Platform (GeMP) pilot project during 2020 by an SCCI collaboration team for analyzing the sars-cov-2 Covid virus genome.

Companies like Dreamchip Electronics are creating educational solutions using STML (SANKHYA Translation Modeling Language) to take educational content (for the Siddhi Digital School Bag platform) to all Indian languages so that over 300 million students in India can have a digital educational platform for self paced, distraction free learning.

SANKHYA NextTrade is an AI inference engine implemented over SANKHYA Infiniproc that has the capability to analyze time series data and generate predictions on the emergent behavior of a collection of variables (symbols).

SANKHYA Consulting offers consulting and advisory services around AI and Generative AI.

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