Granted Patents - Sankhya Technologies Private Limited

S.No Title Status Example
1 Method of implementing fixed-width data types Granted (US) SANKHYA Varadhi and Infiniproc can work on different processor and os combinations as a result of this invention an important consideration for developing middleware that works for a diverse range of computing systems a key aspect of Synthetic IoT platforms
2 Method for specifying equivalence of language grammars and automatically translating sentences in one language to sentences in another language in a computer environment Granted (US) SANKHYA Teraptor takes advantage of this invention for system design automation for Synthetic Computing - developing single or multi-core processor systems. A new simple processor model can be developed and used in less than 1 day
3 Converting a heterogeneous document Granted (US)
Granted (INDIA)
The V-One CMS takes advantage of this invention to generate statically or dynamically Synthetic content pages from multiple static or dynamic sources of information.
4 Method, computer program and computing system for optimizing an architectural model of a microprocessor Granted (US)
Pending Examination (INDIA)
The Teraptor Synthesis Engine for RTL Synthesis makes use of this invention to synthesize processor models to optimized Synthetic Processor models.
5 System and Method for Automatically Generating Sentences of a Language Granted (US)
Pending Examination (INDIA)
The Teraptor Model Space Explorer makes use of this invention to synthesize valid sentences conforming to a meta-model used by Teraptor Synthetic Processor Verification