Management Team

Mr. Gopi Kumar Bulusu
Chief Executive Officer

Gopi Kumar Bulusu is a founder CEO and Chief Technologist at Sankhya Technologies. At Sankhya Gopi K Bulusu led an R&D team for over 19 years in the development of technology platforms for modeling,abstraction and synthesis (MAS). Gopi's key interests include languages and platforms for complex systems development -- Smart Cities, Intelligent Transportation, Smart Grids, Machine Learning, Distributed Deeply Embedded Systems (DDES) and Super Computing.
Gopi is a founder member at Gravity 2.0 Research Foundation and the chair at Super Computing Consortium of India. Gopi is a qualified computer science engineer.

Mr. Murali Desikan
Architect and Solution Manager, System Software Solutions

Murali Desikan joined Sankhya Technologies in 1996 and has successfully led and managed several compiler and debugger projects at Sankhya. As an Architect and Solution Manager of System Software Solutions, Murali leads a team of engineers working on parsers, compilers, simulators and debuggers. Murali holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Madras University.

Mr. B V Prasad
Member, Advisory Board

Mr. B.V. Prasad is a member of the advisory board at Sankhya Technologies since April 2009.

Prior to that, Mr. Prasad served as the Chief Financial Officer of Sankhya Technologies Private Limited. Prior to joining Sankhya Technologies in 1997, Prasad worked in the Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance (Government of India). Prasad is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and holds an MBA in Finance.