SANKHYA TM TeraptorTM - What Is Your Innovation Platform ? TM

Teraptor Design Flow

The system modeling languages viz., SMDL, SSDL, CBDL (currently available to customers), VSL and Progressive C (not generally available ) supported by SANKHYA Teraptor provide a unified framework for designing a variety of software / hardware systems from simple RISC and DSP to arbitrarily complex HPC architectures as well as large distributed systems.

Teraptor is a platform approach to create, specify, model, integrate, optimize, virtualize and synthesize the next generation of high performance intelligent devices. Teraptor is the perfect solution for small teams working on a new product to an entire organization engaged in developing multiple new products.

Technology developments and increasing globalization over the last 2 decades have fundamentally changed the way intelligent embedded systems are built today. New products often become obsolete in months. There is an increasing need for performing various activities of research, innovation and development concurrently and automate development activities wherever possible.

Application Driven System Level Design and System Design Automation are fast becoming the choice of some of the best teams for building the next generation of embedded systems for markets ranging from Consumer Electronics, Automotive Electronics to Defence Electronics. Focus is shifting from the use of functional design automation tools to cross functional design automation platforms. The core competence is shifting from design to innovation.

Use Teraptor to create (concept), specify, model, integrate, optimize, virtualize and synthesize the next generation of high performance, low power intelligent devices. Teraptor can be used easily by small teams working on their first innovation or a large organization working on several new innovative products.

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