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Synthetic Processor and SoC Development

Startup Dreamchip Electronics created an SoC design complete with a 32-bit processor using Synthetic Processor technology. The progress of VLSI technology has led to the the implementation of complex electronic systems on a single chip - A System on Chip (SoC). SoCs are designed for a specific system or a class of systems. As such, the nature of applications that run on the SoC are known in advance. This opens up the possibility of designing processors that are optimized for those applications. Along with the progress of VLSI technology, system design automation (SDA) platforms have developed rapidly in recent years. It is now possible to model a processor and synthesize a processor implementation to meet the needs of an application optimized SoC.

Synthetic Processors and System(s)-On-Chip

In 1971, Intel released the first 4-bit central processing unit (CPU) R1 For the first time a complete CPU was available on a single chip. The commercial microprocessor was born. Over the next 4 decades integrated circuits packed more and more transistors, that translated to more gates - which in turn meant more logic and memory. In 2011, some of the leading processors and systems packed billions of transistors onto a single chipR2.

Smart Grid Modeling and Development Platform

Smart Grids refer to a network of Smart Nodes capable of producing, consuming, buying and selling power through real time collaboration with the goal of optimizing energy production and use based on local and global policies. On a Smart Grid graph, power flows in one direction and currency flows in the other. In the near future, Smart Grids can be expected to lead to the development of new notions of currency that lives on the graph !

Achieving Representational Abstraction with SANKHYA Translation Framework

  • Information Modelling, Language Modelling, Languages and Machines
  • Translation and Transformationi, Tx Modelling, Documents and Compound Documents
  • Morphing, Morphing Libraries, SANKHYA Translation Framework

Spacecraft Grabber IVHM 'IoT' with SANKHYA Teraptor

Integrated Vehicle Health Management(IVHM)

  • A system level concern regarding the entire vehicle
  • Not confined to any single component

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Smart City Calling

Smart City is a city within a city or across cities built over an information plane that creates countless new perspectives of the city to its citizens and managers in a timely manner enabling several new usage patterns of the city infrastructure.

Addressing The IoT

IP names and addresses play an important role in the operation and success of the Internet. With the impending explosion of the Internet of Things, addressing is all set to undergo a fundamental shift. The IP v6 offers almost 2^96 times more addresses than v4, intelligent systems of the future are likely to take advantage of addresses that depend on properties of things. Object identity may soon go back to its qualities.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

A vehicle is a means of transportation. It can also be a place to relax, entertain, play games or work. In all cases, it is a consumer of energy.

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