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Processor and ECU Modeling Platform

Market Overview

In today's fast changing world different components of an automotive system are often developed in parallel and integrated into full working systems. Developers of software components often have to create the software without having access to the new hardware components. This may result in integration problems extending the critical path for the project.

Solution Overview

Software developers have some limited alternatives for developing software well before they have access to the hardware components. Many times software can be developed on a Unix or Windows host and tested on the host platform itself - before porting the software to the target platform or ECU. Where this approach works.

This approach does not always work. Mainly because, target ECUs often have capabilities that are fundamentally different from the host platform. What works on the host may not work on the ECU and vice-versa.

Another approach is to create a processor model that is similar to the target hardware (ECU) from the view point of the running software. Traditionally, this approach is expensive as processor modeling is complex and expensive.

Key Imperative

To be of practical use, a modeling platform should enable new processor and ECU models to be developed quickly. For this there is a need for a processor modeling language that is easy to learn and efficient to use.

Proposed Solution

  • Processor - Teraptor SMDL Modeling Language
  • Teraptor IDE Generates Sample Code for Buses and Controllers

Next Steps

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