Since its formation in the year 1996, Sankhya Technologies has been at the forefront of research and development into the creation of model driven automation platforms that empower design teams to efficiently create the next generation of software and hardware systems through agile system development methods. Sankhya continues to work on next generation design languages and platforms that enable global system level optimization for complex electronic embedded devices, leading to lower cost devices thereby taking the benefits of technology to rural and value conscious urban markets.

Sankhya has received several awards and recognitions including the prestigious Lockheed Martin India Innovation Award during the year 2008. Sankhya has received 5 US Patents on its technologies and has several pending patents.

Sankhya Technologies is a privately held company with development centers in Chennai and Visakhapatnam, India.

  • Chennai Center located in the main CBD of Chennai and operating since 1996.
  • Visakhapatnam [Vizag]: SANKHYA Innovation Center operating since 2008, Over 20,000 Sq.ft perched at the top of a hill facing the Bay of Bengal
  • We invest in the development of technology platforms to accelerate pace of innovation for our customers:
    • Offers smart web presence, secure document sharing and productivity applications over a SaaS platform to hundreds of customers in India.
    • Design Consolidation - SANKHYA Teraptor Brings the benefits of multi-dimensional design optimization (QoR) and full life cycle design automation (TTM) to embedded systems developers.
    • We offer Platform based solutions for:

      • BigData.
      • Internet of Things.
      • SaaS Enablement.
      • Language Modeling and Transformation.
      • Real Time Analytics.