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E-Flight Control Modeling Platform

Operation Overview

TASD-SPP-MIL-1553 provides a system of 4 embedded systems interconnected over a 1553 bus. It offers a convenient numeric keypad for data entry and multiple LED banks for tracking system status. Upto 4 Application binaries in the ELF object file format may be loaded to the VSP and executed. Performance and execution profile information can be obtained using Teraptor Player for performance analysis and optimization. In addition detailed trace of execution may be obtained using Teraptor Player. Developers may also place breakpoints, examine register and memory values and modify them. Register and memory trace may be generated and saved to a file for later analysis of program behaviour. Virtual data streams allow simulation of input data to operating threads from files.

Development Environment

The development environment for TASD-SPP-MIL-1553 includes

  1. Teraptor Designer IDE
  2. A compiler toolchain for ARM v4 architecture
  3. Complete set of device drivers for all included virtual devices
  4. Ready to use working demo application to kickstart development

Download TASD-SPP-MIL-1553 Datasheet


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