V-One DocsTM - Enterprise Document Portal

Key Features

V-One Docs has a comprehensive set of features which makes it an ideal platform for building customized document portals. Here are some key features.

Document Origin and Control
  • Upload using web interface.
  • Create using web forms.
  • Extract from e-mail.
  • Assign unique document ids.
  • Maintain versions.
Document Processing
  • Assign tasks.
  • Automate Workflows.
  • Send alerts and reminders using e-mail.
  • Track using change logs, comments, Q & A.
  • Set document properties.
  • Digitally sign decisions.
Document Access and Knowledge Management
  • Browse using category view.
  • Lookup by assignee.
  • Recently added and modified documents.
  • Create virtual folders.
  • Content, property and hybrid search.
  • Easy to use web interface
Security and Audit
  • Access policy for each document, folder or cabinet
  • Grant rights for users, groups or roles
  • Partial access for read only, write, manage or just add comments.
  • Comprehensive access and change log.
Publishing and Archival
  • Use content manager for automated publishing to web portals.
  • Create archives for millions of documents.
  • Archive and distribute cabinets offline.
  • Simple API for screen level integration.
  • Integrate to enterprise applications using CORBA or Web Services.

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