Varadhi Names

Varadhi Names is a Naming Service designed for lightweight enterprise and embedded systems. Varadhi Names implements OMG's CosNaming specification (CosNaming and BindingIterator Interfaces).

Varadhi Names - Key Features

  • Conforms to OMG's CosNaming Specification.
  • User configurable Maximum Contexts, Bindings and Iterators.
  • Static or Dynamic Memory Allocation.
  • Supports standard Varadhi command line options.
  • C++ Exceptions or Varadhi Exceptions.
  • Includes nsman - Name Service Manager (command line utility).

Varadhi Naming Service Manager - Key Features

  • Command Line Access to All Features of CORBA COSNaming Service
  • Supports option to save state of a Naming Service
  • Supports option to restore state of a Naming Service

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